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Now that Amazon has announced Prime Day 2024 will take place July 16-17, brands have two weeks to prepare for one of the biggest online shopping events. Many eCommerce brands and digital marketers focus on improving product listings on the Amazon platform and adjusting Amazon advertising strategies before Prime Day. But these efforts should be combined with getting ready on social media channels where brands are active.

TikTok has become the go-to social media app for people to discover new brands, products, and great deals. In this blog post, we share preparation tactics for eCommerce brands present on TikTok to help them achieve successful results during the upcoming annual event. 

TikTok Is the Place to Be for Prime Day

Amazon Prime members eagerly await the opportunity to benefit from great discounts in numerous product categories as they explore and create lists of potential purchases weeks and sometimes months in advance. But their search for the best products to buy isn’t limited to the Amazon platform, as social media platforms such as TikTok continue to impact customers’ purchasing decisions and shape online shopping behavior

Did you know that 61% of TikTok users discover new products and brands on this popular social media platform? In addition, 90% of people say they are more inclined to trust recommended brands. This makes TikTok’s short-form video content and engaged community a powerful tool for brands looking to attract potential customers before and during Prime Day.

TikTok Preparation Tips for Amazon Prime Day

How exactly can you use TikTok to drive sales on Amazon this July? We have partnered with TikTok to provide practical tips and tricks to get your brand ahead of your Amazon competitors while maximizing your brand’s potential on the social media platform.    

Tip 1: Drive Amazon Sales with a Targeted TikTok Campaign 

Use the weeks leading up to the annual shopping event to boost your Prime Day sales through strategic product placements and tailored campaigns on TikTok. Create short, enticing videos to announce discounts and special offers on Amazon, using trending sounds and hashtags to increase brand visibility. Highlight exclusive Prime Day deals in your videos urging viewers to act fast and take advantage of them. 

According to TikTok Internal Data, the most popular content categories for Prime Day videos on TikTok are Home & Garden, Beauty, Outfit, Tech, and Vlogs. The top relevant hashtags for the upcoming 2-day event are #primeday, #primedaydeals, #primedaysale, #primedayfinds, #GiftIdeas, #gifthaul, #giftsforher, and #ootd, as stated by the same source. 

Global video publishing count for #primeday
Global video publishing count for #primeday (Source: TikTok Internal Data, 2023)

Similar to how consumers on Amazon have high-purchase intent, a 2023 TikTok Marketing Study shows that 2 in 3 discoveries made on the TikTok platform were intentional. TikTok is an evolving online place for active search and product discovery that can support your growth and profitable results during Prime Day.   

Seize advertising opportunities on the social media app to showcase products and drive potential customers to your Amazon Store and product listing pages. It can help you foster brand loyalty on TikTok and Amazon as well as improve sales. 

Tip 2: Use Data Connections to Enhance Your Campaigns

Combining Events API and Pixel can increase event measurement by 19%, based on a TikTok Web Events API Incremental Performance Benefit Analysis. In addition, advertisers notice a 15% improvement in cost per acquisition (CPA) when using Pixel and Events API. Use these tools to gain valuable insights and optimize, measure, and enhance your advertising campaigns. 

Tip 3: Grow Your Brand with TikTok’s Holistic Measurement Solutions

Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) on TikTok is 3.5 times higher than all other media measured in a 2022 Nielsen study. A 2023 Conversion Lift Meta Analysis results show high-performing ad groups have adopted Spark Ads 54% more than lower-performing groups for web events. Explore TikTok's measurement tools to monitor and enhance your campaign's impact, gaining valuable insights on customer engagement, sales conversions, and your Prime Day ads’ performance. 

Tip 4: Drive Prime Day Sales with Full Funnel Strategies

Run a TikTok campaign for two weeks ahead of Amazon Prime Day using Video Shopping Ads (VSA) or Web Conversion Ads. You should build curiosity and become top of mind for your customers in the first week of the campaign with Prospecting. The second week leading up to Prime Day should be used for Retargeting to capture purchases before the last ship dates and to drive customers to your Amazon Store for last-minute buys. 

The advertising objective of Website Conversion Ads is to drive efficient CPA/ROAS goals. This is achieved by identifying users likely to perform a particular action on the advertiser's webpage and through optimization tools to drive actions such as purchase, add to cart, view content, place an order, subscribe, etc. TikTok’s internal data analysis reveals brands can expect a 50% lower CPA when using the Conversion objective and sharing full funnel events and Advanced Matching parameters.

VSA (w/catalog) or Web Conversion Ads
VSA (w/catalog) or Web Conversion Ads (Source: Amazon Prime Day 2024 Playbook, TikTok for Business)

The advertising objective for Video Shopping Ads (VSA) is product sales, and the main KPIs to observe are ROAS and Cost per Complete Payment. Video Shopping Ads is a catalog-based ad solution that can maximize sales on your website. You can use catalog-exclusive features to scale your campaigns. 

It’s recommended to split your Video Shopping Ads ad campaign budget 60% on VSA Prospecting and 40% on VSA Retargeting. Use VSA Prospecting to find potential customers who have engaged with similar products and Product Sets to highlight specific items. VSA Retargeting with Image Carousel can target high-value users and previous cart abandoners to provide personalized product recommendations. TikTok’s data shows that VSA Carousel with Retargeting improves last-click conversion performance when comparing Carousel to Video, with a 292% increase in CTA ROAS Lift and a 241% CTA CPA decrease.

Tip 5: Utilize Compelling Creative for Your Brand on TikTok

Focus on value and variety to create a strong creative content strategy on TikTok ahead of Amazon Prime Day. You can achieve value on TikTok by creating engaging and informative content that resonates with your audience. Observe the latest trends on TikTok by exploring Trends and Top Ads on TikTok Creative and align your content with insights. Use Creative Assistant to get inspired and Smart Fix to elevate your videos for compliance. Your goal should be to keep users actively engaged and offer them relevant content with your creatives. 

You can accomplish a variety on TikTok by diversifying your content and catering to the various viewers’ needs and interests. TikTok suggests creating content variety with PGC (TikTok Creative Exchange), UGC (TikTok Creator Marketplace, TikTok Creative Challenge), and AIGC (Smart Creative, Script Generator, Creative Assistant). Use Script Generator on TikTok Creative Center to brainstorm video scripts and Smart Creative to prolong your ad lifespan. The goal is to create a rich content mix and attract the attention of a wider audience. 

Tip 6: Create a Prime Day Content Calendar for TikTok

TikTok recommends the following best practices for an Amazon Prime Day performance campaign:

  • 3-5 assets per ad group | 3-5 ad groups/campaign | Refresh every 7 days
  • For a 6-week long campaign, with 3 assets per ad group and 3 ad groups, you will need: some text
    • 3 creative assets x 3 ad groups = 9 assets 
    • 9 assets x 6 refreshes (6 weeks/1 week refresh period) = 54
  • The total number of necessary creative assets is 54. 

Final Thoughts

By implementing these practical tips into your advertising and marketing strategies, you can effectively capture the excitement around Amazon Prime Day and drive significant engagement and sales through TikTok.

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