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Meet your customers where they are. Blue Wheel’s Amazon DSP service empowers brands to target their desired audience both on and off Amazon.

Amazon DSP Services Tailored to Your Needs

Blue Wheel is a seasoned Amazon DSP advertising agency. Our Amazon DSP (Demand Side Platform) service caters to brands and advertisers seeking to enhance their advertising efforts on Amazon and beyond. We don't enforce specific minimum requirements to start using Amazon DSP.

Instead, we tailor our Amazon DSP services to suit each client's needs, regardless of their scale or budget. DSP can benefit both endemic (advertisers who sell on Amazon) and non-endemic (advertisers who do not sell on Amazon) brands, leveraging the extensive reach provided by Amazon DSP.

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Our Amazon DSP strategy is supported by years of experience in the industry and focuses on granularity in execution. We can help you unlock the full potential of programmatic advertising and achieve your advertising goals with precision and efficiency.

With a vast advertising inventory across the web, it's crucial to break out campaigns by various supply sources and audiences, enabling in-flight optimizations. We prioritize applying viewability filters to ensure our clients’ ads are visible, avoiding instances where they're served but not seen by consumers. Leveraging Amazon Marketing Cloud, we seamlessly connect the dots for brands running Amazon Sponsored Ads as well.

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Reasons to Choose Blue Wheel as Your Amazon DSP Agency

Effective Amazon DSP Audience Targeting & Analysis

With our custom-made Amazon DSP advertising strategy, you can reach your target audience wherever they are, both on and off Amazon. Collaborating closely with our clients, we conduct tests with multiple audience profiles tailored to specific demographics, interests, and behaviors. During campaign execution, we analyze overlap reports to identify audiences driving the highest conversions that may not be initially targeted, subsequently incorporating them into our Amazon DSP campaigns.

By leveraging Amazon Marketing Cloud, we can identify high-converting segments and create highly customized audiences for your brand. For instance, we can target users who interacted with Sponsored Ads but did not purchase, allowing us to retarget them with Amazon DSP.

No Minimum Requirements. Start Your Amazon DSP Journey Today

We offer competitive pricing models and packages for our Amazon DSP services, which can vary based on the client's objectives, budget, and campaign goals. While there's no strict requirement, we typically suggest a monthly Amazon DSP advertising spend of around $10K.

This recommendation stems from the extensive reach facilitated by running through the DSP, granting us the capacity to optimize campaigns fully and leverage all available platform features.

Dedicated Assistance Every Step of the Way

Blue Wheel provides comprehensive support and assistance to clients throughout the entire Amazon DSP campaign process, from setup to optimization. Our dedicated team of Amazon DSP experts assists with campaign setup, targeting strategies, ad creation, and ongoing optimization to maximize campaign performance. 

Accurate Daily Tracking & Impact Measuring

Our measurement philosophy emphasizes the necessity of daily performance monitoring, especially in programmatic advertising, where optimizing for the best-performing line items is crucial to prevent any abnormalities in campaign delivery. We pull reports daily to ensure accurate tracking of Amazon DSP campaign performance and ROI. Additionally, for advertisers that meet certain minimums, we utilize Amazon Brand Lift studies to gauge the impact of our advertisements.

Tailored Targeting, Bidding, and Placement. Your Campaign, Your Way

Amazon DSP advertising offers a high level of control and customization, encompassing pre-built or custom targeting options, automated or manual bidding strategies, and the capability to target or report on specific ad placements or devices. This flexibility allows us to personalize advertiser campaigns to achieve your objectives and effectively optimize results.

Amazon DSP Creative Development Support

Creatives on Amazon DSP vary from auto-generated options based on ASIN detail to premium customized streaming TV videos displayed prominently in non-skippable CTV and mobile apps. Our team crafts engaging auto-generated creatives within Amazon DSP and collaborates with advertisers on custom creatives showcasing brand initiatives. Also, our full-service creative team at Blue Wheel, based in Brooklyn, NY, specializes in tailoring fully customized productions for our clients.

What Our Bold Clients Say

Bringing our DSP advertising under the Blue Wheel umbrella has allowed Ariat to manage our marketing portfolio holistically, gain insights from our campaigns from both the display and sponsored perspective, and created efficiencies in the ability to pivot quickly based on trends and optimalizations.

Emily Kidwell



What Our Bold Clients Say

"What drew me to Blue Wheel is that they grew out of a real business so they don’t think like a pure agency. They think like merchants working to build a business. They help us navigate Amazon and offer product suggestions. We align our goals by incenting them on growth."

Paul Griffiths


APG Cash Drawer

President & CEO

Our Unique Amazon DSP Advertising Approach

Amazon DSP Agency Unlike Others

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Unlike some competitors' "set it and forget it" approach, resulting in declining performance over time, we leverage Amazon Marketing Cloud insights and capitalize on unique Amazon DSP opportunities. While others often underutilize the insights and audience capabilities provided by Amazon Marketing Cloud, we leverage them to gain a comprehensive understanding of how advertising strategies align and contribute to overall success. Advertisers overlook unique added value opportunities directly offered by Amazon for first-time users of DSP features. Our Amazon DSP team stays updated on these opportunities to ensure our advertisers capitalize on all available free opportunities. 

Adaptable Solutions for Amazon DSP Campaigns of Any Scale

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Whether you are looking to launch a small-scale campaign or a large-scale initiative, we tailor our Amazon DSP services to meet your needs effectively. Amazon DSP campaigns offer full customization options and can seamlessly integrate into an "Always On" advertising strategy. Additionally, we can leverage Amazon DSP to amplify specific tentpole events, such as Prime Day, effectively enhancing campaign performance and maximizing results. 

Continued Amazon DSP Insights & Recommendations for Success

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We offer continuous support and insights to our clients throughout their Amazon DSP campaigns, both while they're active and post-campaign. This includes providing comprehensive reporting, recommendations for in-flight optimizations, and suggestions for future strategies based on performance data. Additionally, we leverage Amazon Marketing Cloud overlap insights to demonstrate the effectiveness of Amazon DSP across our clients' entire marketing funnel. 

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Amazon DSP Service - FAQs

We address common concerns such as eligibility for Amazon DSP, creative development, audience targeting, and understanding programmatic advertising to ensure clarity and transparency.

Can I use Amazon DSP if I don’t sell products on Amazon?

Yes! Amazon DSP is a valuable tool regardless of whether you sell products on Amazon. With a Link Out campaign, you can harness Amazon's first-party audience data while directing traffic to your direct-to-consumer (DTC) website. 

Do we need to create our own advertisements for Amazon DSP?

With Amazon DSP, our Amazon DSP agency has the flexibility to run a brand's custom creatives (both display and video) or utilize Amazon's ad creation tools. Amazon DSP offers exclusive creative options such as auto-generated responsive e-commerce (REC) templates and their free-of-cost video creative builder. 

How do I know which audiences to target using Amazon DSP? 

Amazon offers a comprehensive library of pre-built audiences derived from billions of observed behaviors of Amazon customers. Our team provides recommendations for audiences to test upon launch. Additionally, we develop custom audiences targeting users who have interacted with your product pages or competitor products in the past. Audiences can also be created based on users who have visited your DTC website. Throughout the campaign, we analyze overlap reports to identify audiences not initially targeted but resonating with your audience. Leveraging Amazon Marketing Cloud, we continually refine and build more customized audiences to reach those most likely to convert. If leveraged audiences underperform, we pause them to allocate resources more efficiently. 

What is programmatic advertising?

Programmatic advertising simplifies the process of buying and selling digital advertising on various websites or online platforms through automation. It enables advertisers to target specific audiences, optimize campaigns in real time, and efficiently allocate budgets across multiple channels. With Amazon DSP, advertisers gain access to a vast array of ad inventory, advanced targeting options, and valuable audience insights, allowing them to effectively reach the target audience on and off Amazon's platform. 

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