A Quick Guide to Amazon DSP Advertising [2023]


If you’ve ever seen an ad for a product on an Amazon-owned site, you’ve witnessed DSP advertising in real time — and it’s how many sellers both on and off Amazon promote their products on sites and technology. This form of Amazon Advertising is becoming increasingly popular with brands.

If you’re new to DSP advertising, we’ve broken down the basics of this ad type into a quick, easily digestible guide, updated for 2023.

What is Amazon DSP?

Amazon DSP (demand-side platform) allows sellers to promote their products on and off Amazon through programmatic advertising. Using Amazon DSP, you can purchase audio, display, or video ads.

You can choose to advertise products that you sell on Amazon, leading those who click to your Amazon Product Detail page, or you can advertise products you sell on your DTC website.

In this screenshot, you can see the Amazon DSP ads highlighted in the red boxes on the Amazon-owned site IMDb.

In the above example, the Huggies ad leads you to their Amazon page, as indicated by the “Available on Amazon” logo. However, the Fidelity ad in the lower right corner takes you to Fidelity’s own website. Both are good examples of how a brand might utilize DSP to advertise their product or service.

Who Can Use DSP Advertising?

You don’t have to sell products on Amazon to utilize Amazon DSP advertising. We utilize DSP advertising for our clients who sell on and off Amazon. If you’re considering Amazon DSP, our Amazon advertising experts can develop and implement an advertising strategy that meets your brand’s needs. 

You don’t have to sell a physical product to advertise on Amazon DSP, either. Many service providers, such as Fidelity in the example above, choose to use Amazon DSP to further their advertising goals and round out their advertising portfolio.

Where Do Amazon DSP Ads Appear?

Amazon DSP ads appear across the following sites and devices, all owned by Amazon:

Why Use DSP Advertising?

Reach Your Clients Where They’re At

Is your ideal client a frequent Twitch streamer? Are they movie buffs browsing IMDb? Do they always carry their Kindle with them? Are they all-in on the Amazon ecosystem, owning a Fire TV and renewing their Prime membership yearly?

If so, Amazon DSP could be the right choice for your brand. It’s a great way to meet your clients where they’re spending time online and on the devices they’re already using.

Advertise Off-Amazon Products

If you’re a DTC brand who hasn’t yet taken the leap to selling on Amazon yourself, you might choose to dip your toes into the Amazon world via DSP advertising. It’s certainly no replacement for selling your products directly on Amazon, but it could help you gauge the demand for your products on the platform.

(If you’re looking for a helping hand in launching your Amazon business, Blue Wheel is a full-service Amazon Agency.)

Take Advantage of High Traffic

2023 Prime Day is already over, but one benefit to advertising on Amazon.com via DSP is you can take advantage of high-traffic days and customers who have a high intent to purchase. Amazon is already driving tons of traffic to their own site on Prime Day (and during the upcoming holiday season and Cyber Week), and your brand can piggyback off that increased traffic through DSP advertising.

Amazon DSP Advertising Tips

Complement Other Efforts

Strategic advertisers will use Amazon DSP to complement their other advertising efforts, including paid search and social, influencer marketing, and email and SMS. Using DSP & Amazon Marketing Cloud can amplify capabilities when leveraging them together.

We always recommend an omni-channel strategy for our clients to create a cohesive eCommerce ecosystem that drives purchasers through the funnel.

For example, you might promote your Prime Day deals via lifecycle marketing, and then later in the year, advertise your DTC sale on Amazon.com to drive traffic there instead.

Test Different Creative

Amazon DSP ads can range from complex to simple. Many advertisers choose to use the eCommerce display creative templates from Amazon, which automatically pull in details from your PDP such as images, titles, ratings, and prices. This is a cost-effective way to dip your toes into Amazon DSP.

On the flip side, you can also develop your own eye-catching creative, such as video or GIF-based ads. Working with a creative agency to develop DSP ads is a great way to ensure you’ll stand out from the competition and catch viewers’ attention.

Want an award-winning agency to handle your Amazon DSP advertising? Reach out to the team at Blue Wheel today.

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