How to Diversify Meta Ads Creative to Maximize Conversions

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Meta's algorithm is designed to recognize and promote diverse content and ads that connect with different audience segments. This approach maximizes the algorithm's ability to match the right ad with each user and improves ad performance. Diversifying Meta ads creatives to perform well in Meta’s ad auction and maximize conversions involves testing various creative elements, including diverse ad formats, visuals, and text. Before we get into details, let's go over creative and ad diversity.

What Is Creative Diversity?

Creative diversity is utilizing different ad formats (video, static, carousel, catalog) and visuals (brand/model videos, UGC, product imagery, etc.) across the Meta platform to help the algorithm best optimize performance. If you consistently use only one ad type, it's similar to repeating the same image or message over and over again. If the audience didn't find it engaging the first time, it's unlikely that it will become more appealing if you don't offer a variety of ad formats and visuals. 

What Is Ad Diversity?

Ad diversity encompasses different aspects of ads such as static, GIF, video, value props, creative categories, etc. You should differentiate your ad creative to increase your chances of having your ad served and achieving the best possible outcomes. Different ad placements may perform better with diverse ad types. For instance, a user-generated video (UGC) may perform well in an Instagram Reels placement, while a static ad may be more suitable for a desktop feed placement. By optimizing your ad creative for various placements, you'll be better positioned to succeed in Meta's ad auction.

Why Meta Ads Creative Diversification Matters for Brands?

As mentioned above, using diverse creative for your Meta ads will increase your chances of succeeding in Meta's ad auction. This also means growing your opportunities to maximize your objective of choice, typically conversions. Various factors such as messaging, imagery, and ad format can influence how people respond to advertisements. Therefore, diversifying your Meta ads can help you identify what resonates best with your target audience and potentially attract a wider audience based on ad placement, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.

How to Win Meta’s Ad Auction with Diversification

Our advice is to use the power of different ad formats, visuals, and text, and implement the next key steps in your advertising strategy for success on Meta platforms. 

Leverage Different Ad Formats

Experiment with different ad formats offered by Meta platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. This includes static and carousel ads, video ads, collection ads, catalog ads, etc. Test which formats resonate best with your target audience to expand your reach and drive the highest conversions. Keep in mind not to repurpose the same format in multiple ads.

Diversify Your Ad Visuals

When choosing imagery for your Meta ads, from statics to videos, make sure the visuals look distinctly different, even if you’re promoting the same product. You should feature your product in various settings and test polished and low-fi approaches. Low-fi does not mean low quality, but low fidelity, such as a UGC video or “get ready with me” content. In addition, don’t rely on subtle shifts in your imagery that maintain the same visual concept. 

Diverse Visuals for a Clothing Brand
Diverse Visuals for a Clothing Brand

Modify Your Ad Text

Variety in ad copy is crucial to reach different audiences with tailored messages based on their interests and funnel placement. Use various text formats, such as a question or a list, and utilize copy to describe diverse product features and benefits. Avoid using the same post text in multiple ads and addressing only your core audience. You can find best practices for ad text on the Meta Business Help Center

Proven Strategies for Meta Ads Diversity 

To successfully diversify your Meta ads creatives and boost conversions, our paid social media experts recommend implementing the following strategies.

Highlight Key Product Features

Feature your product in various settings, by testing both polished and low-production approaches. Create ads using different format options such as model videos, model statics, product statics, and user-generated content (UGC).

Focus on Customer Values

Acknowledge value elements, whether technical, economic, service, or social, and how they affect your product’s perceived cost and benefits. For example, to reach environmentally conscious customers, take them behind the scenes with a video of your green production process.

Meta Ads Diversity Infographic
Meta Ads Diversity Infographic

Address Customer Interests

Address your customers’ emotions and feelings, whether body positivity, happiness, etc., that your product can serve for various occasions. Showcase a problem or frustration your product solves by featuring a customer video testimonial or influencer showing why and how they use it with a product review.

Try Urgency & Exclusivity Messaging 

When choosing imagery for ads, from static to videos, make sure the visuals look distinctly different, even if you’re promoting the same product. Consider creating a simple video that showcases a limited-time product, a promotion, or emphasizes the rarity of your product.


By diversifying your Meta ads and implementing these strategies, you can effectively reach and engage your target audience, ultimately driving higher conversions. In addition, regularly monitor your Meta ads’ performance and track key metrics such as click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, return on ad spend (ROAS), and cost per action (CPA). Continuously optimize your ads using performance data to maximize conversions and achieve your goals. 

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