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After successfully launching your product on Amazon, increasing sales, and gaining reviews, sellers will usually look for the next steps they can take to further sales even more and make their products stand out to customers. Two extremely effective ways to boost the visibility of your products are through Amazon’s promotions and badges. In this article, we will discuss the main Amazon promotions and badges and why they are so important for boosting your products in the long term.

Amazon Promotions

Amazon promotions can take many different forms, such as a certain percentage off or a buy one, get one free promotion. You can also create more specific deals: for example, a percentage off if you buy 3 products at one time.

The simplest and most effective promotion type is the coupon, which gives a percentage off of the sale price, is visible to everyone, and—most importantly—shows up in the search results for all customers to see. When viewing your product among the other results for your keyword, a coupon showing a percentage off could convince them to click in for more information.

Another popular Amazon promotion option is Subscribe and Save, which offers customers a discount for setting up repeat purchases on products that need to be refilled, such as supplements or protein powder. Customers who are likely to buy and are already loyal to the brand can commit to multiple orders and save money. This is an excellent strategy for those with popular products that have repeat sellers.

Coupons and promotions increase visibility on your product across the site. With a solid product listing (that is, a listing with fully optimized copy, good sales velocity, and positive reviews), promotions can boost clicks and conversions and keep the customer’s attention on your product with a discount in mind. Plus, promotions allow you to temporarily drop your product’s retail price without having to adjust your cost.

Amazon promotions also help increase sales velocity and conversion rate when they are featured in the “deals” section of the site; they can create a sense of scarcity. Customers are already looking for deals to take advantage of and can feel compelled to purchase before the sale ends. However, it is important to keep in mind that promotions are best used as a tool that enhances an already successful product campaign. If you are struggling with achieving sales and momentum with your product, adding a coupon or deal will not necessarily fix that problem.

Amazon Badges

Perhaps the most effective way to stand out to customers in the Amazon search engine is to have a Top Seller or Amazon’s Choice badge on your product. This badge, chosen by the A9 algorithm, automatically creates trust and fosters a sense of legitimacy.

Additionally, when customers use their voice-connected devices (like Amazon Echo) to shop on Amazon, it suggests Amazon’s Choice products first, based on the customer's search. Having this placement is crucial as shopping by voice becomes more popular.

Amazon’s Choice badges are highly desirable and should be a long-term goal of any seller. Many customers will quickly make their purchasing decision based on a badge, trusting that Amazon knows which product is the highest quality or best value in a given category. This is especially true when customers are searching for a specific keyphrase and looking to make an easy purchasing decision.

Although the exact formula for achieving an Amazon’s Choice or Top Seller Amazon badge is not publicly known, a good way to head towards both is to have large and consistent inventory, lots of sales and momentum, and several positive reviews. This is, of course, the general goal for any successful Amazon seller, and achieving a badge is the icing on the cake that further boosts a successful listing.

The Amazon’s Choice badge has a measurably positive effect on product sales. An extensive report by Profitero studying over 37,000 products found the following:

  1. “Amazon’s Choice has a higher impact on conversion rate, a 25% increase on average, especially on those products with a high number of daily glance views (i.e., the number of views a product page receives).”
  2. “Best Seller has a greater impact on traffic, increasing a product’s glance views by an average of 45%.”
  3. “You should be tracking the presence of Amazon’s Choice and Best Seller badges across your portfolio as a key leading indicator of success. They matter… big time!”

In general, earning Top Seller or Amazon’s Choice badges should be a major goal for any long-term seller. It is a key indicator of success and will help potential customers establish trust in your product before they even click on the listing.

Earning an Amazon badge is no easy task, but its benefits are worth the time and effort. Once you get badges on your products, make sure to find an Advertising partner like Blue Wheel to get maximum visibility for your brand and take full advantage of the badges you have earned.

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