Guide to Amazon Marketing Cloud & Amazon DSP

Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) and Amazon Demand-Side Platform (ADSP) are integral pillars of Amazon's advertising ecosystem. Our guide covers the fundamentals of both platforms, showing how they provide advertisers with precision targeting, advanced campaign optimization, and comprehensive audience insights, for driving impactful advertising strategies and maximizing ROI.

Everything You Need to Know About AMC & ADSP

AMC is a privacy-safe, cloud-based data clean room solution, enabling advertisers to merge and analyze diverse datasets for actionable insights and custom audience development. Amazon DSP empowers advertisers to purchase digital ad inventory in real-time programmatically, leveraging Amazon's first-party data and exclusive inventory to reach target audiences on and off Amazon.

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🔹 What Is Amazon Marketing Cloud

🔹 AMC Key Features & Benefits

🔹 AMC Usage & Audiences

🔹 What Is Amazon DSP

🔹 Amazon DSP Features & Benefits

🔹 Amazon DSP Ad Types & Placements

🔹 Amazon DSP Campaigns & Strategies

🔹 Amazon DSP Brand Lift Study

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