Drive your Omni-Channel Strategy from Click to Ship

Having an Omni-channel strategy is a top priority for ecommerce brands today.  Their needs to be an integrated and seamless approach from the click of your advertisement to shipment of your inventory. Therefore, we would like to show you how Rosignol can partner with Blue Wheel to enable your brand to drive growth from the first touchpoint to the last.
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Over $1B in Managed Revenue For Our Bold Brand Partners

Marketplace Advertising

Whether you’re selling furniture, accessories, or tools for the home, boost your presence across all marketplaces with effective advertising strategies.
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What We Do

We’ll make sure your listings are engaging and optimized for SEO. From product pictures and sizes to the descriptions, we will ensure everything is accurate and optimized for the marketplace.

Product catalog management is an extensive process of classifying, aggregating, and managing product-related data to ensure consistency and accuracy of across all sales channels.

We provide brands with insight and expertise cultivated from over twelve years of marketplace experience.

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