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You may have run across our proprietary SellerSight marketplace seller enforcement tool in browsing our website or connecting with one of our brand protection specialists on an introductory call. You may have then immediately thought to yourself, “SellerSight? What is that?”

Well, you are in the right place.

SellerSight is a one-of-a-kind reseller monitoring and enforcement platform that we provide to clients in need of “marketplace cleanup.” As one of several effective tools within our brand protection toolbox, like all solutions we offer, we use SellerSight when the fit is right.

The Right Fit

If your brand is either on one marketplace, such as Amazon, with 10’s or 100’s of grey market resellers on that site or is selling across several marketplaces—including Walmart, Amazon UK, Amazon France, Amazon Canada, Ebay (and many other marketplaces)—with 100’s of unauthorized resellers in total, SellerSight is likely going to be of great use to you. How so?

How it Works

SellerSight conducts a preliminary scan across the relevant marketplaces requested by our brand client. The brand then is able review the results of the scan sorted by marketplace, by seller, and by listing. Once known or “authorized” sellers are identified and moved to a separate location within the portal, enforcement can begin against the remaining unrecognized and/or unauthorized sellers.

Enforcement can be based on either legitimate intellectual property rights infringement (i.e. copyright infringement, counterfeit products, or trademark infringement) with the brand client having the documentation and necessary filings to support these types of enforcement or can be based on more general concerns.

The more “blanket” approach to reseller enforcement within SellerSight focuses on the legitimacy of each reseller’s products available for purchase. As Amazon and other marketplaces are always wary of illegitimate or counterfeit products being listed, SellerSight reaches out to each reseller through that seller’s marketplace account on behalf of the brand and requests proof of legitimate product in the form of either an invoice or receipt. If no documentation of legitimate product or response of some type is provided by the seller, SellerSight reaches out a second time requesting this information. If no adequate response is provided at that point, Amazon or the particular marketplace is notified in the backend by SellerSight that we were unable to verify the authenticity of the product listings at issue. At that point, the marketplaces communicate with the seller to try and confirm the product listings. Typically, at a rate of roughly 90 percent, the seller’s flagged listings are then removed within 1 to 2 weeks.

Other Information 

If sellers do respond to the inquires from SellerSight about products’ authenticity with an invoice or receipt, those are uploaded to the platform in the form of downloadable PDFs. Through these pieces of supply information, we and our brand clients are able to pinpoint exactly where distribution leaks may be occurring and/or which retail partners may be violating resale policies.

In this way, the SellerSight process really is a win-win: Either the reseller provides no information and is mostly likely removed from the product listings of concern or the reseller responds with information identifying from whom they purchased the product.

Summary Dashboard 

As this enforcement occurs within SellerSight, each brand has its own dashboard within which both sellers and listings are moved from “new” or “discovered” through “pending” or “notified” to, ultimately, either “closed” or “verified.” We are able to look at and explore each bucket of listings and sellers as they move through the dashboard categories.

It is worth reiterating that SellerSight is often used in combination with other Blue Wheel brand protection tools as its most effective use is marketplace cleanup efforts. For more permanent and long-term solutions, we provide additional support and solutions for our brand clients.

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