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What is Remote Fulfillment on Amazon?

Remote Fulfillment on Amazon is a program enabling sellers to use their US FBA inventory to fulfill orders for customers in Canada and Mexico. Amazon handles cross-border shipping and import fees, easing expansion into these markets for sellers.

Potential benefits of Remote Fulfillment

Aside from the opportunity to expand into Canada and Mexico with less effort than launching an FBA business in those countries, using Remote Fulfillment allows sellers to gauge the necessity and collect data regarding sales trends and interest in those countries. Essentially, it acts as a testing ground for sellers to determine long-term what their interest is in Canada and Mexico, while not having to place inventory or set up operations in those countries.


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Questions sellers should be asking about Remote Fulfillment

Whether Remote Fulfillment is right for a seller is going to be unique to every business; some sellers have distribution agreements or additional sellers in Canada and Mexico that might make taking advantage of the program less ideal. Other sellers may have tariff and import regulations that keep their products from being eligible for Amazon to move the products across the border. All sellers should be looking at their business and determining if Remote Fulfillment makes sense for their business model and running a profitability analysis using the Remote Fulfillment fees (because of course, Amazon has its own pricing structure for the program) before opting into the program.

What do sellers need to do now?

In response to the release by Amazon, all sellers must make a decision:

  1. Opt-out of Remote Fulfillment by clicking on the widget and unselecting both Canada and Mexico and saving those settings.
  1. Leave the settings as they are, and wait for communication from Amazon during the given date range that you have been enrolled in the program.

What's next if I want to be in the program?

If Remote Fulfillment is of interest to you as a seller, and you have chosen to opt-in to the auto-enrollment, your work is not quite done. While Amazon has not released exactly what they will be handling once the enrollment takes effect, we know from experience that there will be additional steps taken by the seller to ensure proper setup of the program. Amazon is going to create the listings within the account, but it will be up to the seller to ensure proper pricing is set, all SKUs are set up correctly and the products are flowing properly. It is also going to be up to the seller to monitor sales in those countries and adjust their replenishment into the US Fulfillment Centers to account for a potential interest in the products.

How Reseller Program Works?

If you choose to remain enrolled, here are a few essential aspects to understand about how this program operates and what you can anticipate:

Customers Still Get Free Shipping

Despite the fulfillment being remote, Amazon upholds its commitment to customer satisfaction by providing free shipping for eligible orders. This aligns with Amazon's customer-centric approach, ensuring a seamless experience irrespective of the fulfillment location.

Customers Cover Import Fees

Unlike traditional FBA, where Amazon handles customs and import fees, Remote Fulfillment requires customers to cover these additional charges. This distinction is vital for sellers and customers alike, as it impacts the overall cost and transparency of the purchase.

It's different from FBA Export

Remote Fulfillment should not be confused with FBA Export. While both involve shipping items internationally, FBA Export primarily serves customers outside the seller's home country. On the other hand, Remote Fulfillment caters to domestic customers from a different fulfillment center.

You Can Use Automatic Listing Creation to Make it Easier

Amazon simplifies the process for sellers engaging in Remote Fulfillment by allowing automatic listing creation. This feature streamlines the listing process, saving time and effort for sellers managing their inventory across multiple fulfillment centers.

Remote Fulfillment Fees Will Apply

Sellers utilizing Remote Fulfillment should be aware that distinct fees are associated with this service. These fees encompass various aspects, such as storage, order handling, and transportation, and are essential considerations in the overall cost structure.

Is There an Alternative to NARF?  

An alternative option to Amazon's North America Remote Fulfillment (NARF) or FBA Export is the Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) program. Unlike NARF, which focuses on fulfilling international orders from local Amazon fulfillment centers, SFP allows sellers to maintain control over the fulfillment process while still offering Prime benefits to customers.

With SFP, sellers who qualify can display the Prime badge on their listings, signifying to customers that their products are eligible for Prime shipping. Instead of using Amazon's fulfillment centers, sellers handle storage, picking, packing, and shipping directly from their own facilities or using third-party logistics.

While NARF simplifies international fulfillment by leveraging Amazon's network, SFP provides sellers with greater control over the fulfillment process and the opportunity to offer Prime shipping benefits to customers without relying on Amazon's warehouses. Both options cater to different seller preferences and business models, offering flexibility in reaching customers and providing efficient shipping solutions.

For more details or to partner with Blue Wheel in navigating Remote Fulfillment's launch and upkeep, contact our expert team. We're here to assist you. Our full-service marketplace management team is here to serve your needs and provide comprehensive support, ensuring efficient operations, optimized sales strategies, and seamless customer experiences. Gain access to tailored solutions, strategic insights, and proactive guidance for your e-commerce success.

Happy selling!  

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