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Did you know that nearly 70 percent of Amazon.com shoppers place their orders using a mobile device? This highlights the significance of mobile sales on the platform. However, many sellers overlook an important aspect: Amazon's mobile platform displays product listings differently in search results compared to the desktop platform. To effectively capture the attention of mobile shoppers and boost your overall performance, it's crucial to optimize your product title specifically for the mobile platform. In this article, we will provide you with valuable tips and tricks on how to optimize your listing for mobile, maximize your character limit, and drive sales.

Spot the Differences: Mobile vs. Desktop Search Results

Let's start with a game of Spot the Differences. Below, you'll find a search for beach tents on a mobile device (top) and on a desktop (bottom).

A screenshot of a web pageDescription automatically generated
A screenshot of a phoneDescription automatically generated

If you spotted the difference, it's the title length. The main disparity between mobile and desktop search results lies in the character limit for titles. On the mobile platform, Amazon displays only the first 75 characters* of your title, while the desktop version allows up to 120 characters. This difference significantly affects how your listing appears to mobile users.

Amazon Product Tittle Caracter Limit for Mobile

To understand the impact of character limits, let's examine the mobile search results for beach tents:

Product "A": "Shibumi Shade, World’s Best Beach Shade, The Original Wind-Powered Beach Canopy" is concise and to the point. It fits within the 75-character* limit, making it suitable for both mobile and desktop. However, it lacks the descriptive factors that make a listing truly stand out.

Product "B": "Sun Ninja Beach Tent Sun Shelter with UPF50+ Protection, Includes Sand Shovel…” works within the 120-character limit. It highlights great specifics, such as "UPF 50 Sun Protection." However, on mobile, the title gets cut off at the 75-character* mark, losing important details like the tent's capacity and windproof design.

Tip #1: Strategically Structure Your Title for Mobile Success:

To make the most of the limited character space, strategically structure your title. Follow these tips:

  • Identify Key Features: Determine the top 3-5 standout features of your product.
  • Prioritize Descriptive Characteristics: Place the most descriptive and compelling features within the first 75 characters* of your title to grab the attention of mobile shoppers.
  • Be Selective and Avoid Repetition: Maximize your character limit by avoiding redundancy and being selective in your choices. Choose the most unique and enticing details.

Tip #2: Leverage White Space for Enhanced Impact

The white space available on the main page is an opportunity to reinforce your product's unique selling points. Using vibrant colors and sleek icons to emphasize features and allows you to tactfully incorporate eye-catching imagery that complements the title. The image should tell a story and enhance the overall appeal of your product.

Optimizing for Mobile: Boosting Click-through Rate and Advertising RoAS

As most customers shop on both mobile and desktop, optimizing your product description for mobile can increase your click-through rate and improve your advertising Return on Advertising Spend (RoAS). When paying to advertise on Amazon, it's crucial to ensure everything is optimized for maximum impact.

Conclusion: Stay Ahead of the Curve with Mobile Optimization

To succeed on Amazon, it's vital to remain ahead of the curve. By optimizing your title and leveraging the white space on the main page, your product will stand out amidst competitors. Don't miss the opportunity to captivate mobile shoppers.

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*Please note that the mobile character limit may vary slightly depending on the category you are selling under. 75 characters represent the average allotted limit.

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