How Do You Find The Right Facebook Advertising Agency?

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When you’re looking for a Facebook advertising agency to manage your Facebook ad account, it can be difficult to know where to start. Everyone makes big promises on their website and in their sales pitches — but how do you find the right Facebook advertising agency?

We’ve outlined some questions to ask before you sign that advertising contract. Whether you’re a startup looking to gain new customers, a legacy brand looking to expand your reach, or anything in between, here are some questions to help you find the right Facebook advertising agency.

Do They Have Successful Results?

Here’s the truth: some Facebook Advertising agencies say they do Facebook advertising, but they might not be experts. Despite listing it on their services page, some agencies don’t actually have experience successfully managing Facebook advertising campaigns.

When you’re in the inquiry process, ask for results — hard data will show results better than any sales pitch can! Also check their website for case studies. All data tells a story, but that story is chosen by the ones telling it. Ask for clarification or more detail on a case study if you have concerns or questions.

Do They Have A Dedicated Advertising Team?

This certainly isn’t a requirement, especially if you’re working with a smaller agency due to budget, but having a dedicated advertising team that works on your account can be a huge benefit.

From small details like keeping your copywriting consistent to larger factors like being solely dedicated to your account, its strategy, and budget, having a specialist who only tackles your Facebook advertising (not Facebook advertising in addition to your organic social, paid search, etc.) can hugely benefit your brand.

Are They A Facebook Marketing Partner?

Facebook has an official Marketing Partner program, which allows certain agencies to be vetted by the platform as experts. The Facebook Marketing Partner page says: “The Facebook Marketing Partner badge is awarded to companies who meet the highest standards of performance and service. If you've got a badge, it tells everyone you're among the best at what you do.”

Look for the official Facebook Marketing Partner badge on the agency’s website — most companies who are part of the program will display it somewhere on their website (often in the footer).

Can They Create Content that Converts?

Depending on your internal capacities, you might also need an advertising team who can create images, GIFs, and videos for your advertising campaigns. If you have an internal creative team or outsource your product photography to another agency, you might not feel the need to hire someone to create additional content just for your Facebook ads. And, depending on your budget, you might have to prioritize advertising spend over new content for the time being.

But content creation for advertising is different than product photography for your website. Sure, you can piecemeal together an acceptable ad image from your website photos, but is it the best option?

Ask your potential Facebook advertising agency if they can create content specific for your ads, or if they require assets from your team. If they can create content specifically designed for Facebook ads, you will see better conversion rates and  results overall.

What’s Their Reputation?

This question is a little hard to quantify, and you probably won’t want to ask it directly to your sales representative — but it’s important to understand an agency’s reputation in the industry. Are they seen as the cheap option? The overpriced one? The one that gets results? The startup-friendly agency? The agency who doesn’t respond to emails?

Reputation isn’t everything, but it can be telling if you know of multiple former clients who left for the same negative reason. Ask your colleagues if they’ve heard of this agency to understand how they’re seen from a client perspective, and don’t be afraid to ask the agency in question for references. Specifically inquire if they are a good Facebook Advertising agency!

Can They Scale Your Brand?

The ability to scale your brand is arguably the most important quality in a Facebook advertising agency. Let’s be real — anyone can just manage Facebook advertising. It’s realistically not that difficult to just run a few ads with a set budget on autopilot. The difference is whether an agency can do it strategically and successfully to help you scale your brand.. that takes experience and expertise.

The Facebook advertising agency you work with should be able to scale your advertising, not just maintain it. Advertising is key to growth, so your agency should be able to strategize with your internal teams to help you reach revenue, ROAS, and impression goals.

Still trying to find the right Facebook advertising agency? The team at Blue Wheel would love to work with you. Reach out today!

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